Return policy:
We offer a Return Policy for our products categorized as follows:

  1. Incorrect Product – This is in the event we shipped incorrect product (s)
    1. In such cases where the product shipped to you is different from what you ordered, kindly contact our Customer Service, so a replacement can be instantly sent upon receiving back the improper product.
  2. Damaged product
    1. In case the product (s) you receive is damaged on receipt, you can return it. Please refer our terms and conditions page
      -Please make sure to contact us within 7 days of your received order, if there are any issues.
    2. We do not ship damaged products- the decision to exchange a product that has been apparently damaged owing to rough handling of mail agency will be at our sole discretion- you may need to take up the issue with their applicable postal body.

Refund policy:
Any paid orders that are unable to be achieved in good time are eligible for a complete refund of the original charge of the applicable item(s). Please refer our terms and conditions page.
If you inadvertently order the incorrect product or alter your mind, a replacement/refund will NOT be issued. We request you to order carefully.

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